Zestreet is a social impact organization (NGO) working to empower underprivileged girls and women - socially and economically, by  building their capabilities, to enable  them make a sustainable living and transforming them into confident individuals and active leaders of their communities.

            Based on our 'I' (A.I.E.) approach, we strive to empower women by making them Aware, Independent  and Engaged. 


The communities are sensitized about the challenges women face and the possibilities to overcome the same by sharing  case studies, interactive sessions with women who led examples to become self-reliant and enterprise amidst adverse conditions.


Women are given a comprehensive skill based training; identifying markets for raw material, dealing with vendors, making quality products, and delivering the orders on time. Women are also taught life-skills; empathy, problem solving, decision making, creative thinking and communication skills to develop their personalities as leaders of their space.


The trained group of women form a community; they are engaged in the community by developing their roles to support and grow as a working unit and also act as facilitators of change to encourage and engage more girls and women of their local area. This also acts a social circle to share their challenges and aspirations. The over all process has a significant role in sustaining the communities to cause an enduring impact on the lives of women.

                                                                                                    Our Impact

Community leader's experience at Zestreet

I wish I could call Zestreet just an organisation but I can not, as it is place where women and young girls learn to weave dreams and we, at zestreet just give them wings to do so.


I always wanted to do something for community but couldn't locate a right platform and then I met zestreet's co founder- Urvi Goyal, who totally changed my idea towards looking at society- how a little earning of a self for a women can make her world so bright.

Yes, that's what zestreet works on, training women so that she can stand on one's feet and take a step forward in the arena she likes.

The process of community development is organic. I learnt how to reach out to women who needed us and make them realize how important it is to have an identity of their own. I learnt how mere stitching, art and craft can be life altering tools. Our co founder - Urvi Goyal always use to quote 'We want a holistic development of these women, therefore consistent counseling and training are needed to bring the enduring change and thus I learnt how counseling women shapes their life.

Working with ZESTREET was one of my best decision ever. It made me grow into a human who is more punctual, hardworking, honest, faces challenges, has perseverance and full of zeal to work towards community who need us. I have lot of happy and emotional moments. But my favourite was when our 'pandu nagar' community- little girls who gave me farewell and said they'll miss their 'didi'. Trust me it takes a lot to win their love and faith.

Once a part of ZESTREET, always part of ZESTREET.

The family just doesn't let you go! :)