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our story


Zestreet is a non-governmental organization which was founded in 2016.The idea behind starting his initiative was to provide economic-social-political empowerment to women through art, skill development and vocational education. As women continue to face many issues like gender based violence, child marriage, no involvement in decision making, the objective surrounds dealing with all of these issues by skilling women and giving financial freedom so that they feel aware and independent to deal social issues on their own.


"Zestreet" was coined using zest and street, a place full of happiness and possibilities where girls and women are given equal opportunities to prepare for and to lead a happy life.

problem that we are trying to solve

When girls are not given EDUCATION, married off at an EARLY AGE, they become prone to VIOLENCE, POVERTY and are compelled to stay in the closed walls of their homes, living an unhealthy and unhappy life. Women in vulnerable circumstances are unable to solve real life problems; they remain bereft of freedom, choices and opportunities.  

our initiative and solution

​​Zestreet is making an effort to strike off of all the issues by using financial independence as a tool of empowerment by equipping them with art and livelihood skills.

When one woman is empowered economically and socially, she changes the course of generations ahead; by becoming self-reliant, by equipping herself with the life skills to confront social challenges, by educating her children, by participating in taking decision for herself and her family. An aware and financially independent woman becomes the catalyst of change and development in her family, community and society.


Registration no. under Indian Trust Act, 1882 - 304

Guide Star number : 8934

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