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Impact Story
Her Story

Rama - a migrant from Rajasthan, was married at an early age and faced domestic violence and confinement by her husband in the house for four years. They were neck down in poverty. She was compelled to live like that as she had a younger sister to marry and was not educated enough to earn anything. She suffered 20 years of her life until she chose to become independent.


After joining Zestreet in 2016, Rama got trained in tailoring and participated in various sessions to understand her rights as an individual and as a woman. She is now able to earn 5000/ month, is free of confinement and walks freely outside for work - setting an example for others to follow. She now has a say in the family decisions because of her confidence and awareness. Her children support her and tell her: “You have become a Madam”! She even visits her children’s school to monitor their education. And her husband doesn’t dare stop her anymore! All of this happened with one change – Employability. With livelihood skill, comes economic–social–emotional-physical empowerment. That’s how Rama’s life changed for better.

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